Monday, December 20, 2010

My 30 cent stools

One of the things I enjoy most is shopping at thrift stores.  While I was out and about one day, with the DH and the children, we stopped at a thrift store we had never seen.  I was in much I wanted but only so much room in our home.  I stumbled upon a couple of wobbly stools and knew I just had to have them.  I had planned to put one in my bathroom and one on the porch, however, much to my disappointment the stool did not fit into my tiny bathroom...grrrr!  I was not deterred, I would find a use for them if it killed me...and I couldn't let my husband use that good 'ol phrase...."I told you so!"

After tightening the screws (which was all they needed) and applying a few coats of paint I decided to put each of the boys' initial on avoid any arguments about whose stool was whose...and place them in my kitchen at my island (which is a post for another day). 

Now I'm not one of those fortunate women who owns a Cricut (way out of my price range) so I have to paint everything by hand.  Yes, it took me several coats to get the letters just right...I made them darker than I wanted because I know eventually it will wear off.  I'm thrilled with the results, the hubby was amazed...amazed I say...and the boys were so excited that they knew which stool was theirs!  One good mark for mommy!


  1. I'm fixing up a couple stools for my new apartment that look just like this! I wanted to do something different with the tops and the initial idea is way cool. Maybe one for me and one for my cat! Haha.

    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. Thanks for the compliment and I'm thrilled I could provide you with some inspiration. You should definitely do one for you and one for the cat, that would be great! Please send pics when you complete them, I would love to see them!


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