Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How it came to be...

I have wanted to have my own blog for some time now but never really knew what to blog about.  I enjoy a variety of things; garage sales, thrift stores, cooking (I am learning to make more things from scratch), growing my own food, raising my own chickens and teaching my children that an honest day of hard work is in no way going to kill them.

My house is not always clean, I trip over toys, my meals don't always come out perfect and I definitely don't jump out of bed, throw on my Sunday best or put on my pearls.  Many days I toss on a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, throw my hair in a pony tail and go about my busy life.

I have to take screaming children to the grocery store, figure out what to make for dinner, run the kids here and there and take out the trash.  My goal is to live a more simple, self-reliant life.  I trade recipes with friends and neighbors, I trade seeds to plant in the spring and have to do some of my own home repairs....all while making mistakes along the way.

So as I blog I will share recipes with those who are interested, show you my thrift store finds and share my trials and tribulations of learning to return to a not so fast paced life.  I will show you the gifts that I make, the gifts I trade, show you my accomplishments and laugh about my failures.  All for the sake of helping someone else to realize that returning to your grassroots really is possible.

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