Sunday, February 20, 2011

For mommy and Daddy!

Those of us that have boys (actually, children in general) know that there is NEVER time for mommy and daddy and you never have a place where you can go and hide out from the kids.  This has been my dilema for 5 years now and it's getting really old!  I love my guys but there are times mommy just needs a break, a quiet place to rest or just a room to walk into that isn't cluttered with toys.  Well I woke early the other day (2:30 a.m.) and decided it was the day I was going to start on MY ROOM OUR ROOM.  When my hubby woke I handed him a cup of coffee and told him how much I loved him....he knows when mama uses this phrase he has a very long day ahead of him!  I told him what I wanted to do and that I was leaving for the store in less than an hour so he needed to get to gettin.
I have been working on our room for a few weeks now, but when you have little ones you have very limited time, but I know eventually it will be done....before they head off to college I hope.

 So this is what things looked like prior to me doing anything.  I know, it's a mess, it's cluttered and so very blah-ha-ha.  I'm working on rectifying that situation, I just need some time.   :o)

Now that I have gotten some paint on the walls it's lookin a tad bit better.  I still have the clutter but I'm a busy gal and Rome wasn't built in a day...right!  *sigh*

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