Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Preschool Valentines

I woke up early this morning and suddenly remembered my little guy had to take Valentines for his whole class.  Oh my word, are you kidding me, I had it on the calendar and TOTALLY forgot about it...the story of my life!  :o)
I knew I had purchased boxes of candy the week before...when I remembered about the Valentines....and had them sitting in my guest room ready to be used.  So while everyone was fast asleep (2:30 A.M.) I immediately got to work....lots to get done in just a few hours!  I ran to my sewing room, grabbed any color paper I could find, some string (had to hunt through my DH's work room to find it!) and some pom poms.  Printed out the 'wheel' and 'screen', grabbed the glue gun and ran upstairs.  After working like a crazy woman I was finally finished and now it was time to wake the children for school...no mommy time due to my inability to look at my calendar!  :o)   Here is my finished product!
Now for those of you that think I came up with this idea myself, you are very wrong (I don't have that good of an imagination).  I found this great idea on FamilyFun if you are a mom and need ideas, this is the best place to go!  I love this site, as do my children!  Happy crafting!

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