Friday, March 18, 2011

Backyard addition

Last year I was asked if I could make a custom welder's hat for someone...I didn't have a pattern so off to the store I went to see how they were made.  While we were at the store my husband mentioned he wanted some chickens.  That threw me for a loop, I never expected him to be a 'raise my own chicken' kind of guy.  I just said, "Yeah, sure, why not."  I figured that would be the end of it.  Nope, I was wrong.  A week later we had chickens and no place for them to live!  Uh oh, time for a new project!  Thankfully a friend of ours loaned us a large HUGE cage for all of the new kids.

This is one of the pretty little Rhode Island Red's we brought home.  She was so sweet and adorable!

And both of my little Red's...I brought home 3 girls and 2 boys but I gave a girl and a boy to my friend who also has chickens.

These are our little Wyandotte's...they were so tiny and cute!  I wound up trading these kids for some larger's so fun being able to trade your chickens.   :o)

After quite a bit of research and a whole lot of trial and error, we began building our coop.  Lemme just give you future chickens keepers a word of advice...draw out your plans FIRST!!!  My husband thought he could 'wing it' and have a coop built in a day....wrong...took us over a week to build!  Uuuuugh!
Here is my DH and the youngest digging out the area for our future chicken coop...soooo much digging and so many blisters...even though we wore gloves!

Area mapped out and concrete poured so now the building can begin.  I would like to add that you really need to encourage your 'better half' to measure more than once before cutting!  :o)

Outside almost complete so time to start working on the inside.  I really enjoyed this part...meant we were so close to being done!

Our finished coop!  I think it turned out pretty good and we used quite a bit of recycled materials.  Unfortunately we wound up with even MORE chickens than originally expected so we had to widen their run...which meant even more digging!

So after this nightmare fun project, we ended up tearing down this coop....yes, you read that right, we tore it down...and put a different coop in a different location in our yard.  Thankfully we didn't have to do any digging for the newer coop.

So, most of our time laster year boiled down to this...

We got chickens, then got even more chickens, gave some of the chickens away, traded chickens, built a coop, tore down the coop and then upcycled a playhouse...all for the sake of having our own eggs.  This is definitely not a project I would do over again....and I think I would have stuck with our old coop.

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