Saturday, March 5, 2011


My boys have a plethora of books and for some time I really didn't know where to store the books.  I wanted them to have access to them but I also didn't want them falling all over the floor and getting stepped on.  My husband built shelves in their closet, specifically for their books, but that just wasn't working.  They weren't easy to get to and it never failed, the books would fall right off the shelf and onto the floor.  One day, while traveling through blog land, I stumbled upon Kara's Korner and she was building shelves for her nursery.  I immediately fell in love with her shelves and knew I just had to have them!  I forgot to take pictures of the shelves while I was building them...something I seem to do a lot...but Kara has a great tutorial you can follow.  Here is my finished product and the boys absolutely love them!  The books now stay on the shelf, you can see what books they have and it's so easy for them to choose books during quiet time or story time!  Thanks Kara!

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