Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bread Cloth ($0)

I am giving myself a new challenge, that is set for a different post.  In light of my upcoming challenge, I have whipped up a reversible bread cloth.  I dug through my hundreds of yards of fabric and found 2 pieces that I thought worked well together...I needed them to be washable since they will be used quite frequently.  I traced an existing bread cloth and then added a seam allowance.  These are going to be perfect when serving rolls, bread and muffins.  The one I currently have is getting quite worn because we use it so much so I figured I would whip up a few more so I don't have to fret when my current one is dirty and I don't have to whip out a hand towel to cover my breads.

I think it's pretty darn cute and it will go great with my kitchen!

Now I need to do some baking so I can use my new hand-crafted item.  I can't wait to whip up a few more in different prints.  These are going to be so handy and I just love them to pieces!  Thanks for looking!

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  1. I really need one of these. I've only ever used a kitchen towel. I actually hadnt ever heard of a bread cloth before I saw your post. I might have to make one now.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I hope you have found some inspiration while you were here.
    I love my bread cloth...have had them in the past but never made one. They are wonderful for keeping your bread, rolls and muffins warm and they look adorable stacked in a basket...not only functional but decorative!
    I wish I had a pattern I could send you but unfortunately I don't have a scanner...sorry. If you do make one please let me know so I can see it. I will take some measurements and get them posted for will be easier to make a pattern that way. Have a great day!


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