Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cabinet Curtains ($0)

When we purchased our home several years ago the basement had a less than attractive basement...and that's putting it mild.  The walls were covered in orange shag carpet, the floor had this horrible brown shag carpet and the utility room was painted orange.  Okay, so it is down right UGLY!  I have spent the majority of my time working on the parts of the house that I knew people would see and have neglected the utility room; afterall the utility room isn't a place my guests will gather to talk about current events, it's just where we have the dirty laundry.

In our utility room are 2 different hand-crafted cabinets for storage.  The longer cabinet is where I fold my laundry and place it in separate piles to be taken upstairs to our living quarters...I make it sound like it's a mansion....tee hee hee.  Any way, the longer cabinet also holds different storage containers with Holiday decor.  I have recently started spending a great deal of time in the basement (that's where my sewing/craft room is located) and in the utility room doing laundry and have grown tired of looking at that ugly open space under the cabinet.  Today I had the house to myself, my husband was dropping the kids off at school, so I decided to rectify that ugly, open cabinet. 

Here is our ugly lovely cabinet.  You can see anything and everything I happen to put under there, not cool.

I grabbed a long piece of PVC pipe, some clamps, screws, a drill and a screwdriver.  Now I have a home-fashioned curtain rod.

I chose fabric that would match that ugly orange...I don't have the time to paint it right now.  I fashioned a quick 'pocket' so I could slide the curtain onto my make-shift curtain rod.

I used my serger to hem the bottom...I was too lazy to measure and I could just hem above the serge line.

One curtain hung...this is so exciting for me!

Second curtain completed and hung...sweeeet!

Now that I have stepped back and taken a look at my work I think these new curtains add a great deal of delight to that boring orange room; and for about an hours worth of work and zero dollars I can't complain one single bit!  Now if I could do something about that white and green tiled floor and the orange cabinets I would be much, much happier.

Next on my list is to make a new curtain to replace the dreadful one that currently adorns the lonely little window in there.  And eventually I will find the time to paint those retched cabinets and get a little crafty and put up some sort of wall hangings...for zero dollars, of course!

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  1. Love it! I like that it is on a rod so you can open or close as needed. Thanks for linking up!


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