Monday, March 14, 2011

Cinnamon Egg Rolls

After making our Lumpia for dinner we had quite a few egg roll wrappers left over so my husband decided to experiment...he is a much better cook than I am!  These cinnamon egg rolls were out of this world and our boys absolutely loved them and wanted more.  I asked my DH if I could put it on my blog and he kindly agreed to share with all of you...what a nice guy!

Egg roll wrappers
Brown Sugar
Egg; whisked
Oil for frying

Take your egg roll wrapper and lay it flat on your work space.  Take a pastry or BBQ brush and brush the wrapper with egg.  Sprinkle brown sugar randomly on the egg roll wrapper, sprinkle cinnamon over the sugar and cover with a second wrapper.  Begin rolling your wrapper at one edge, roll 1 time and fold in each corner, rolling instructions are on the package, roll 1 more time, place egg along your egg roll and continue to roll.  Just before you reach the last corner you want to put a dab of egg on the unrolled corner and then finish rolling.  The egg helps hold the wrapper together during frying.

These look very similar to Lumpia or Egg Rolls when fried so if you are making them along with other egg roll or lumpia you may want to put them on a separate plate so people know they are dessert egg rolls.

Dessert on the left and the Lumpia on the right

After tasting these I know what kind of finger dessert we are going to make for the boys' birthday parties...they were that yummy!!!  Enjoy!

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