Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dreaming of chicks

Today we had to run to the feed store to pick up some feed for the chickens and quail and they had some brooders filled with chicks.  I took one look at them and completely fell in love.  I already have 8 girls of my own, plus all of our quail, but I can never get over how cute chickens are when they are babies!

I woulld love to bring some of these darlings home but they aren't exactly what I am looking for so I chose to wait.  I mean after all, how many chickens do I really need, right?  Then again, can a girl ever have too many chickens!  :o)

I have my heart set on some Copper Marans...and have for over a year now...so I should probably hold off.  I did get a bit of good news today though, I might have 6 baby Marans in about 2 weeks!  If that happens I will be getting rid of some of my current girls next fall and will have my Marans that lay deep, dark chocolate eggs.....yiiipppeee for me!  Wish me luck!

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