Thursday, March 17, 2011

Glass House

There is a space under our front window that was very blah, I needed to add some visual interest.  I had scored tons of free windows, someone had them sitting on their porch and they kindly let me have them, so I used them to build my glass house.  My neighbor kindly gave us a mint plant and there just wasn't room for it on the porch so I decided to put him in my little house.  I think it looks pretty cute. 
This was a little difficult to make, only because I was trying to use 2 hands when I really needed 4.  I placed a string of lights inside to give it a little life at night...and for the garden fairies to gravitate towards.

Now if we could just get some kind of plant to grow around it we would be in business.  Our problem with plants below our front window is our tree provides so much shade nothing wants to live there.  We have tried numerous plants and it seems the only thing that will grow are the weeds.   :o(

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