Monday, March 14, 2011


Tonight we decided to make dinner as a family, hubby and I made dinner, the kids did crafts.  A few years ago my SIL gave me a cookbook with many of our late MIL's recipes in it...It brought me to tears receiving that book.  So last night we decided to try making Lumpia, a recipe that was given to my MIL many years ago while my late FIL was stationed in Minot, ND.
We had no idea how difficult it was going to be to separate the egg roll wrappers so it took some time but we finally got them apart. 

Note: When using these papers do NOT take all of them out of the wrapper, the edges will dry out and become brittle.  :o(

We made our filling...oh my word was this yuuuuumy!!!!
Egg roll wrappers separated

Now it was time to roll the Lumpia

The first, not so pretty Lumpia

Here is the finished product...I rolled the Lumpia and my husband cooked them.

Dinner was fabulous but it did make us miss mom.  However, I know she would be proud of us for making this meal!  :o)

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