Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Necklace Holder

Like most women, I have jewelry (that I rarely wear) and never have a place to hang it.  Until now, my jewelry has been sitting in a drawer and getting twisted into knots...grrrr.  I tried and tried to come up with a way to display it but space is limited, I didn't want to have to spend any money to buy 'something' to fix this dilema so I was just kind of stuck.  My husband (being Mr. Crafty as well) came up with a PERFECT solution!  I have teacups (it's an addiction) all over the house and they don't get used.  My DH said I should hang them on the wall to hold my necklaces.  What!  That rocks!!!  And so, my necklace holders came to be!
Now tell me that isn't cute as can be!  Big score for the hubby!  He not only solved my organization dilema but he got some of my clutter teacups out of the way....he's so smart!

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