Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh my.....

If you read my post from yesterday, you will see that my son's birthday party was Saturday and my nieces spent the night with us Saturday night.  My sister's youngest had some red spots that looked like spider bites and were itchy.  I applied the Calamine lotion and the topical Benadryl to help relieve her discomfort.  No biggie, I'm a mommy and have handle much worse issues than a few itchy bites, right.

Saturday night I noticed there were spots on her ears that had not been there previously.  No problem, a little Calamine and all will be well...I knew something wasn't right.  My sister called to tell the girls good night and asked how the little one was doing.  I told her there were more spots but it wasn't an issue and we were good to go.  She wanted to come and get my niece but I told her no, she needed time away with her hubby.  Well Sunday morning there were a few more spots and I called my sister to tell her it was Chicken Pox.  She wasn't convinced and made an appointment for my niece...the appointment was today.  My niece had a bit of a fever Sunday and I knew that meant she was contagious, but it happens and you can't change it.  It is what it is and that's just how life works....don't sweat the small stuff!

My sister just contacted me and told me that the doctor has confirmed that my niece has the chicken pox.  Lucky she has been vaccinated to it's not such a bad case, but it's the pox just the same.  I'm guessing in about 2 weeks I will be dealing with pox with both of my little guys.  But, again, it is what it is and you can't change it.  I will be running to the store today for some Calamine and topical Benadryl....I shall be prepared!  Oh the lovely day to day issues of being a mommy.    :o)

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