Monday, March 21, 2011

Silhouettes ($0)

In the middle of beautifying my room I needed to find something to place on one of the smaller walls that would not be too overbearing but would not get lost behind Anna manequinn...and I didn't want to spend a great deal of money, if any at all.  Off I went, shopping through my house, to find just the right thing.  Tucked away on a shelf I found a couple of frames that were by no means attractive and I had completely forgotten that I had these things.

Check out this old, old, old velvet that is wrapped around the inside...eeeeks!

And the gold frame, uuuum, no thanks!

I removed the old velvet (all I had to do was scrape it off), painted the exposed part green to match my curtains and painted the frames white.  Cut out silhouettes of my boys (foam craft paper), used a piece of white foam for the background, replaced the glass and then put everything back together. 

New wall hangings for my bedroom that cost me ZERO dollars!
I love how they turned out and they are so simple and elegant in my room.  The perfect compliment to everything else I have in there.  Thanks for looking!

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1 comment:

  1. I love silhouettes. You just can't go wrong with them. They are classic, personal, and always look awesome. Great job on the frames too.


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