Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring/Easter Banner ($0)

I wanted to make something that had to do with Spring and Easter...I'm so ready for it to be nice I decided to make a fabric banner to hang in my passthrough.  Being as it will be seen from the kitchen and living room I needed wanted it to say something on both sides.  I grabbed a box to cut up for the pattern.

I chose a variety of fabrics for my flags.  Then it hit me, I have tons of scrap fabric, no need to waste good fabric on a small project.  I dug through my scrap bins and found some really cute material and started cutting.  Then I grabbed some scraps of cream colored material and stenciled 'Spring' and 'Easter.'  I used a paste paint rather than liquid craft much easier!
I forgot to take a picture of the next step, but between the 2 pieces of fabric I did use interfacing on one side to make it a little more durable/sturdy.  Then I sewed on my letters, placed wrong sides of flags together and sewed those together.  I knew I would have some uneven edges so I went ahead and used my pinking shears to trim the edges...I think it made the flags a little more 'girly.'  After the flags were sewn and trimmed, I used some bias tape to hold each flag in place. 

I want to hang the banner in my passthrough so I looped the ends and sewed them closed.
It still needed 'something', so I glued buttons over the seems.

Finally I was finished and my fun Spring/Easter banner could be hung and admired!

Now a word to the wise...
When you are sewing words on both sides BE SURE to look at the spelling of your words BEFORE you finish your project.  I was so excited to get this hung that I didn't pay attention to what I was doing.

(Okay, really, you have to laugh...I did!!)

Being as my flags are already sewn in place I don't want to have to take the whole thing apart, so I will remove the letters with my seam ripper and glue them back onto the flag...grrrrr!  While I'm at it I might make the 'loop' a little smaller so there is more 'hang' to my banner. 
Yes, I did make a major mistake but I think all in all it turned out so very cute.  The best part is it didn't cost me a dime!  Sweeeeet!

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