Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To dream or not to dream

Here is my dilema.  I am a SAHM, my youngest is 3...soon to be 4...and will be heading off to school before I know it.  I spend my time tending to my family, cooking, baking, sewing, crafting, taking care of my chickens and thrifting.  I love, love, love thrift stores and could spend day after day in them.  I can find something out of nothing.  I love to take junk and turn it into something unique.

We are chickens owners and would love to one day own a farm where we could have many more animals.  We are trying to 'go back to the basics' in life and be more self-reliant.  If I could sell everything I own, TODAY, and pack up and move to a farm, I don't think I could pack fast enough!!!  Every piece of change I find I toss it in a jar (our farm fund), but we probably only have $20 in there so far.  We live on one income and have to scrape to make ends meet.  How do we go about making our dream come true, on one income, before we are too old to work the land?

My other dream is to own my own shop.  Sell up-cycled furniture, hand-crafted items and just enjoy life.  A place where my husband and I could sell the things we make, to help pay the bills.  You have to have money to make money and I'm here to tell you, we don't have much.  However, we are happy.  We are happy being with our children, one another and just spending time doing fun stuff.  We love to hit thrift stores (together I might add) and find fun stuff and fun stuff to make.  When one of us has a vision we share it with the other and something better always happens.  We just love our crafty, thrifty life, but we want a little more.

Oh to dream or not to dream, that is our question.  How do we sell everything to get something, our dream, our 'perfect' life!  :o)

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