Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cocktail Eggs

Every Holiday it seems I am the one to make the deviled eggs for our family gatherings (probably because I always have eggs readily available).  This year I don't have to make the eggs, we are going to use the eggs the kids colored at grandma's yesterday.  But you know, it just didn't seem right not to make deviled eggs...and my husband loves them so much.  We haven't bought eggs from the store in over a year...the taste is so much different than our fresh I went ahead and made deviled eggs for the DH any way.

In addition to the chicken eggs I also made a few Quail deviled eggs.  The Quail deviled eggs I will take to my parent's house because one of my nieces loves them sooo much!  I like to make regular sized deviled eggs for the adults and the Quail deviled eggs for the kids...perfect for little hands!  You are going to love how tiny these things are.  It takes 5 Quail eggs to equal just 1 chicken egg, that's how tiny they are!

One of the other benefits of Quail eggs is they have absolutely no bad cholesterol.  I will also post an ad on craigslist to sell my Quail eggs as cocktail eggs.  I get anywhere from 6-15 Quail eggs everyday and we just can't go through them fast enough.  Rather than tossing them out I will see if anyone is interested in using them for their cooking or possibly snacks for the kids...I like to make hard boiled Quail eggs and keep them in a bowl in my fridge so the kids can snack on them any time they want.

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