Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny had to arrive late last night because daddy let the little ones stay up to watch a Batman movie.  Finally the little guys drifted off to sleep and Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny got to work.  They brought actual egg collecting baskets to put the goodies in.  These aren't just for Easter, but can be used on a daily basis to collect the eggs from our very smart!  :o)

When the boys woke they were absolutely elated that the Easter Bunny brought such cool baskets.  They were even more excited that the Easter Bunny knew one liked green and the other liked blue...again, such a smart Easter Bunny.  The aftermath isn't as cute as the before.  Oh well, they had tons of fun!

Happy Easter everyone.  Hope your day has been as joyous as mine has.

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