Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh Deer!

Early this morning I was on my way home from dropping my son at school when my phone rang, it was my husband.  Wasn't sure why he was calling from work, usually he doesn't call unless there is an urgent matter we need to deal with.  Hmmm.

I answered my phone and my husbands asks me if I'm busy.  I tell him I'm on my way home and ask if there is anything wrong.  He then proceeds to ask me if I want a deer.  I was confused and sounded as such.  I repeated what he asked, "A deer?"  He says yes and waits for my reply.  I say sure, I guess.  He tells me to get to the Air Force Base immediately to pick it up.  When I arrive he tells me that the Air Force just shot 2 deer and they wanted to know if we wanted one.  He tells me where to pick it up, so I head over to the building indicated.  When I arrive the individual in charge of the deer population has 2 deer in the back of his truck that he just shot and needs to either dump them some place or find someone who wants to have them processed.

Now what is it this thrifty mommy is thinking...FREE FOOD!  I tell the guy that I will surely take one to have it processed and thank him for offering it to us.  When I inquire as to what is going to be done with the other deer he tells me he's just going to have to find some place to dump it, so guess what I say...I'll take both! 

Twenty minutes later we have tons of plastic laid down in the back of my van (I have pictures of the deer but thought it best not to post them), 2 deer somewhat wrapped in plastic (so my van would not get ruined) and I'm heading off base to get these babies processed.  I called Van Fleet Meats immediately and they were waiting for me to arrive.  I pull up to Van Fleet's, they remove the deer from my van and I am 2 days away from having a freezer full of meat!  I am so excited I head over to my parents house to tell them about my stroke of father was not only thrilled for us but impressed that the base gave them to us. 

Now this little 'change in plans' surely threw my morning routine for a loop but with free meat in the next couple of days I am not going to be one to complain one single bit.  Someone up above was surely looking out for us today; our freezer was getting low and we weren't sure how we were going to replenish our supply with the way the food prices are rising. 

What a glorious day here in the Midwest.  Glorious I say, just glorious!

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