Sunday, May 22, 2011

Coupon Help

My girlfriend contacted me today to let me know that her lunch plans had been cancelled and wanted to know if she could swing by so I could help her get her coupon book started.  Hanging with my shopping buddy, talking about coupons and enjoying the day...ummmm yeah!!!  She arrived, we had a soda, talked and got started on the coupons.  We went through stacks and stacks and stacks of coupons.  The great thing is we realized that a lot of the coupons she doesn't use, I do, and the coupons I don't use, she does!  It was like hitting the jackpot!  This couponing with my friend Shell is going to work out great; when we buy papers we already know that both of us are going to end up with multiples of coupons that we both want and need!
After getting the coupons cut and her sections labeled, I explained how I do my couponing, showed her how I go through the ads, match up sales to my coupons and how I make my shopping lists.  I also gave her the 411 on some of the sales that were taking place and what she needed to buy at the store before heading home to hang with her son and her hubby.  All in all we had a fun and productive day.  I really enjoy hanging out with her...we have fun and get lots of stuff done.  Okay, so maybe we don't get everything done that we should, but our kids love hanging out together and we get mommy time, what could be better!

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