Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fabulous Deals at the Commissary!!!!

I ran to the Commissary this morning just to see if they had any new coupons out and I ended up buying quite a few different things.  Yes, it was a spare of the moment trip but I found some great deals, tons of coupons and picked up several things that I was running out of.  My OOP (out of pocket) was $80.00...that's a savings of 40%...but for a spare of the moment shopping trip I didn't think I did too bad. 
For those of you that have access to a Commissary I suggest you head on over there when you have a minute and grab some of the coupons that are available.  Our Commissary in Bellevue, Nebraska puts baskets by the front door that are filled with coupons.  You can leave some or take some....they don't do this all the time so I run in now and again to see if there is anything new out.  Glad I went today because I did find some major deals!  Here are pics of the items I bought today and saved quite a bit on the things I had coupons for...the items I didn't have coupons for were items I was out of and couldn't put off buying them so I bit the bullet and shelled the money out of my pocket.
As you can see, I got quite a bit.  I know, I know, it's not as great of a score as some of the people on Extreme Couponing, but I bought a few items that were on sale...I couldn't find coupons for those items...the other items I had coupons for and then there were a few things that I just had to get because we were almost out....that's the part I hate, paying full price!  :o(
Here is a list of some of the great deals...and if you have access to a Commissary you could probably grab some of the same items I did and not pay full price!

Raisin Bran - On sale for $2.49 -$1.00 Q (found at the Commissary) = $1.49
Cocoa Krispies & Lucky Charms - on sale for $1.99 -$1.00 Q (found at Comm) = .99
Kids microwave meals - On sale for $1.50 -$1.00 Q in Sunday paper = .50 each
Crisco Olive Oil - $2.50 -$.55 Q from Sunday paper = $1.95
Capri Sun - On sale for $1.69...if you know where I can get a Q please let me know!!!!
Mr. Clean Erasers - $1.69 -$1.50 Q from paper = .19...out in town these sell for $1.97
Eggo Waffles - On sale for $1.79 -$1.00 Q (found at Commissary) = .79
Dishwasher tabs - $2.99 -.75 Q from paper = $2.24...out in town I would have paid $5.00 easy!!!
Tampax Pearl - $3.96 -$2.00 Q from paper = $1.96...much more costly at Walmart!!!!!
U Sanitary napkins - $2.69 -$1.00 Q from paper = $1.96....again, more expensive at Walmart!!!
Soleil Razors - On sale for $3.81 -$3.00 Q from paper = .81...a few weeks ago I paid .99 at Walgreens

So there you have it folks, my deals for the day.  I still have to run to Walmart and price match a few items after I pick up my little guy from school, but all in all I am very pleased with what I did pick up at the Commissary and I even ran into someone my husband works with and handed her a stack of coupons that I had picked up for her.  I told her about some of the great deals and she headed straight in to pick some of them up.  Thanks for reading and Happy Couponing!!!

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