Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Chicken Coop

Last year our chickens dug up every green leaf they could find in our backyard....we had already harvested our food so we didn't really have a problem with them walking around.  However, this year is a new year and a new chapter in our life.  We are going to be planting a larger garden this year so we have plenty to can for winter.  We now needed a way for the girls to be able to roam around and dig for worms but we also needed to keep them out of our gardens or we would have no food for winter. 

Last Spring someone graciously gave us wooden fence panels to use for a coop but we didn't have time to build the coop before the ground froze.  We now have a little extra time and little extra money to get that coop done.  I know the girls won't be happy because they will be confined to a coop, but they will have plenty of room to roam and we will be growing plenty of greens just for them.  Early this morning we got to work setting our fence posts.
We dug hole, after hole, after hole for those fence posts.
The posts are now positioned and I thought I was going to kill over!  My whole body was sore and I just couldn't help my husband any longer so I called in the troops.  My best friend and her husband came over so the guys could finish the work.  I don't want to ever have to do that again!
The posts are now set in concrete and tomorrow we can put up the fence panels after my son's piano recital.  It will be so nice to have the girls in their own little corner of the yard and get my garden started.  :o)

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