Saturday, May 21, 2011

Old Navy Shopping!

One of my friends sent me a text to let me know that you could get flip flops at Old Navy for just $1.00.  A buck????  That's right up my alley!  I sent a text to another friend...dragging her buns out of bed...telling her about the sale.  She gave me a call and we made a date for Old Navy shopping...yeah!!!!  After she arrived at my house we headed out for Old Navy and some flip flops.  My plan was to buy just the flip flops and then head home.  However, you know how girls are when they get together, they shop, talk, shop, talk.  Over an hour later we were trying on clothes, shoes, hats, teenagers...and having a great time.  I ended up buying my 5 pair of flip flops (limit was 5 per person), a dress, a couple of shirts, a night gown and a hat.  We then headed to my house to start working on couponing....we were supposed to be doing that all along, but shopping with a great friend, I just couldn't resist.  It was a great day, great shopping and chatting with a great friend.  Thanks for hanging with me Shell, it was TONS of fun!

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