Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yard cleaning

We have been doing a lot to the yard lately and we are preparing to redo our first chicken coop so our little Cuckoo Marans can move in soon.  I was out in the yard cleaning things up and getting the old coop ready to be renewed once again.  Unfortunately my husband left some wood laying on the ground and guess what this crazy mom did....I stepped on the wood and a nail went right into my foot!  I said a few 'choice' words and decided I was done for the day and was going to shower and relax while we grilled. 
My husband apologized and I was upset at first but you know what, accidents happen and it's not a big deal.  Yeah I'm in a little pain but nothing too bad, I'll get over it.  So I sat with a nice cold beverage, talked with my husband while he grilled and played with the kids.  We did a lot today and will probably do a little more tomorrow.  Things are looking really nice and I can't wait until the grass seed takes hold and our yard starts looking really nice and green.

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