Thursday, June 30, 2011

$7 Garden Creation

I had a blank spot in my yard that I wanted to do something with, but I just wasn't sure what I should or could do...I wanted it to be 'romantic.'  I walked through  my yard and searched through my house.  I found several items and got to work.
The chairs were in different parts of my yard, the white stool was found in the trash last year and used to have a plant sitting on top of it...the plant died.  The tea cups, I made those last year, the potted plant was a gift from my neighbor and the Yucca plants were given to me by another neighbor.  I put them all together and came up with this.  Kind of cute but it needs a little more.

My most wonderful neighbor in the whole world, Scott, gave me some Cana Lily plants.  I strategically placed the 5 plants behind the chairs and added the mulch.  Now i'm ready for them to come up...they are going to be beautiful!!!
I found a ceramic pot in the garage that really had no use so I buried it in the ground and added a few plants that I got for 25 cents at Ace Hardware!  I love how it looks like the pot fell over and the plants 'spilled out.'

I added a few finishing touches; some rain boots that were sitting on my porch, a few more potted plants and even more plants in the chairs.  After everything was said and done, this entire creation only cost me $7.00!!  I love how it looks! 

And here is a picture of the 'almost free' other garden creation that I put together last year.  I just love how I have been able to take other people's trash and turn it into my own treasure!  The ladder was going to be tossed out by my neighbor so she said I could have it if I could use if for something.  :o)
Thanks for stopping by, sharing my creations with me and as always, Happy Couponing!

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