Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cardstar For Smartphones

If you are like most of America, you have a reward card for every store in town.  It seems each time you wander into a store and make a purchase they ask you for your reward card.  Many of us carry them in our wallet or purse only to switch bags and forget about the cards in the side pockets.  You're not only losing out on reward points or special offers, but you could be removed from a mailing list because you haven't made a purchase at that store in a while.  This could cause many of us to lose out on valuable, unexpected coupons from that company.

After a little research I discovered an app that is available for most smart phones.  It's called Cardstar.  Cardstar has allowed me to conveniently input all of my reward cards right on my phone.  No more forgetting my cards at home, losing cards in the bottom of my purse or forgetting to send the card with my husband when he runs to the store.  I can easily sync his phone with mine and we now both have all of our reward cards with us.

If you want to reduce the bulk in your wallet from all of those reward cards, don't like having 20 cards hanging from your keychain or want to make sure your other half has the cards with them while they are out shopping, then Cardstar is a must have for anyone who has a smart phone.  When you get to the check out and they ask for your reward card, you simply pull out your phone, pull up the app and your card is right there.  People will be so amazed with this app that they will want to add it to their phone! 

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