Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dog beds; $0

My new puppies are always looking for something soft to sleep on so I whipped up some doggy beds with scrap fleece.  This is basically a tie blanket shaped into a circle to make a pillow.  If you have never made a tie blanket before I have typed out a tutorial below.

This one is for Elvis...about 40" in diameter

And this is for Priscilla....about 22" in diameter

These are so very easy to make.  They cost me nothing because I had the material laying around, but you could get scrap fleece from the fabric store super cheap!  I cut up more scrap fleece for the filling.

I folded my fabric in half and then used my tape measure to make markings that were 20" from the center...to make a half circle.  For Priscilla's I measured about 10" from the center point.  You can see the white chalk marks for cutting.

Top fabric is cut.  I then layed the top fabric onto the back fabric and cut out another circle.  Both pieces of fabric are now cut.
I then layered the 2 pieces of fabric.  Make sure you lay them with wrong sides facing one another.  When you are done you want right sides showing on both sides of the pillow.
I then began cutting slits all the way around the circle.  My slits are about 1" apart.
I have finished making the slits all the way around my circle.

I then began to tie knots in my fabric.  Use 1 piece of the front and 1 piece of the back for each knot.  I know it sounds simple, but many people have never made anything like this so I want to be sure to be specific to make it easier to make these pillows.

Continue to tie knots all the way around your circle.  DO NOT tie the last 4 or 5 knots.  You want to leave enough room to be able to fill the pillow with scrap fleece or some type of batting.

Now all you have to do is cut up scrap fleece into strips or use some sort of batting to fill the pillow.  I chose to use scrap fleece because I had so much of it laying around.  I did have some batting but it would not have been enough for 2 pillows and I didn't feel like running to the store or spending any money on these pillows since they would be on the floor and layed on by the dogs.  My scrap fleece pile for the filling...I used lots of scraps!

Once you have your pillow filled to the desired thickness, tie the last few knots and you are all done.  That's it!  A soft pillow for the furry family members for next to nothing!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!

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