Monday, June 20, 2011


Sadly, not long ago I had to put my 13 year old Pomeranian, Chloe Marie, down.  She was getting very old and her health was deteriorating quickly.  It was a sad day in my home and I swore I would NEVER again have another pet in our home.

And so the story begins...

My parents were away due to a death in the family and returned home on the 18th of June.  My mother called and asked me to stop by because she had some stuff for us that she had brought back from California.  When we arrived at my parent's house my dad handed me a tiny little bundle of something brown.  As I opened my hands I realized they had a new puppy, a Chihuahua at that.  I immediately fell in love with this little guy.  My father named his Alex, in memory of his sister, Alice, that had passed away.  That's it, I was was my husband...and so the discussion of getting a new dog began.  After many hours of research and looking we decided upon a Beagle.

Today my husband showed me a picture of an adorable little Beagle that was at a kennel near our home.  We headed to the kennel so we could just LOOK at the puppies.  My husband was in Heaven and he fell in love with one of the Beagles.  Quicker than I could say my own name we were buying a Beagle and heading home. 

And this is Elvis, the newest addition to our family.  He is a cute little guy and seems to be learning quite fast.  The boys love him to pieces...and I have to admit...I'm kind of fond of him.  And as the story goes, mommy has been the one to do everything with taking care of him.

So now that the guys in the house have their Beagle I wonder if my husband would be willing to let me have a little female Chihuahua.  I mean after all if I'm the one to take care of the animals then shouldn't I get to have a say in the dog that I want!  :o)

Thanks for stopping by, meeting Elvis and sharing a moment of your time with me.

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