Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FREE coupons...

You can call Georgia Pacific at 1-800-283-5547, twice a month, and receive FREE COUPONS for any of the products they manufacture.  The representative that I spoke with asked for my name and mailing address and then asked which coupons I would like to receive in the mail.  I gave her a list of their products that I utilize, and would like to receive coupons for, and then she told me I could call any time during the month to request more coupons.  She also informed me that I do not have to wait a specified amount of time before calling again, I could call again tomorrow for more coupons, but you could only call a maximum of twice a month.

If you LOVE coupons, would like to find extra coupons for very little time and/or effort, then hop on the phone and call Georgia Pacific today to get those free coupons!

Georgia Pacific Products (
Angel Soft
Quilted Northern
Quilted Northern Ultra Plush
Soft 'n Gentle
Dixie; plates, bowls, napkins, cups and dispensers
Home and Office papers
Mardi Gras; napkins and paper towels
Vanity Fair; napkins, plates, bowls and table covers

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Couponing!

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