Saturday, June 4, 2011

Miniature Peach Trees

As the planting season continues my husband and I are running into a dilemma.  We have so many ideas on what foods we can plant but we would like to focus on planting food that will come back year after year.  We love to have fresh fruit in our home but we cringe at the rising food costs.  Today we stopped at Lowes and stumbled upon some miniature peach trees, however, the thought of spending $20 on a plant sent shivers up my spine.  My husband then pointed out that with peach trees in our yard I could make jams and pies, the kids could stop by the little trees, grab some fresh fruit and go on their merry way.  This would not only cut costs when it came to homemade desserts, but it was a fresh snack for the kids and I wouldn't have to spend extra money on snacks that weren't so healthy.  He made some very valid points so I gave in and we purchased 2 miniature peach trees.

Our cute little trees our now planted in our yard and doing quite well.  I know we won't get fruit this year, but hopefully something will happen next year.  I'm very excited at the thought of having fresh fruit in my yard and I'm even more excited at the thought of being able to make some fresh preserves for my family.  So, the wait is on.  We hope they make it through the cold winter and begin to provide us with fruit for many years to come.

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