Friday, July 1, 2011

Old to New

In one corner of our yard we had this horrible bush...I don't remember the name of the bush but it was sadistic!  This bush had thorns that would break off in your skin, fester and were not only painful to remove but dang near impossible to remove!  I hated this bush and have been wanting it gone for many years.  This year I put my foot down and told my dear hubby it was going, going, gone!  We removed that sucker and were left with a HUGE hole in the ground...oops!  :o)

We ran to the store and bought a cherry tree, 60% off, so it ended up costing us $16.00...not bad at all!!  I added an old chair, some potted plants (clearance items).  Here is what we have now...
Okay, so you can't see the whole thing...yet.  My fab neighbor, Scott, gave me some flowers to plant in that naked space.  And my new creation is taking shape.

After planting the flowers and adding some more potted plants I am left with a whole new look.  When you stand back and look at this portion of my yard, it looks as though you are looking at a mini version of a flower field.  It looks so least I think so!  I really like how it has turned out and next year it will be even more romantic.  Thanks Scotty for all you do for us, we love you tons!

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