Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hiding the ugly

When we purchased our home we had a wall oven in one location and a cook-top in another.  I never liked this and for the life of me could NOT figure out why you would have your stove and oven in separate mom said that was the 'in thing' back in the 70's.

Right before Christmas our wall oven took a turn for the worse and stopped heating up..with 2 kids that is completely unacceptable!  My parents graciously bought us a new stove for Christmas...oh my was that the best gift ever!

We may have had a new stove and oven in one but our old cook-top was still sitting in the corner and taking up space.  Yes, we could remove it but then we would be left with a hole in the counter and no money to update the counter tops...If it's not one thing it's 10 others!  

This is what I have been dealing with for uneven surface with an outdated cook-top in my working space.
See what I mean!  No room to put my things, no place to work because that stupid cook-top is sitting right there!!!  Not only is it annoying but very unsightly!

I had had enough of this disaster so I went to my husband's work room, grabbed some scrap wood and got to work.  I made a frame out of 1x2's and then screwed some plywood to the top.  I no longer have an uneven surface in the corner of my counters, I'm no longer looking at that ugly cook-top and I stored all of the other items.

Ta da...a clean work surface!  Okay, so it's not really a work surface but now I can place dishes or pretties in the corner and that cook-top has kind of been eliminated.  One day, when we have the money, we will remove that cook-top and redo our counters...let's just hope it's sooner than later!  Yes, it's still plain wood but I have some paint that ties in with my decor and when I have a few spare moments I will be painting that 'box' and making it look a little bit better.

My husband was pretty impressed with what I made...I have been asking him to do something about this for a while and for some reason he just couldn't find the time.  When all else fails turn to your 'girl power' and do it yourself!  :o) 

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