Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tomatoes O' plenty!

We have been blessed with a wonderful neighbor who is willing to share his bounty with us.  A few weeks ago he hem...25...again.  :o)    For his birthday his sister took him on an Alaskan cruise and we graciously offered to watch his chickens and house for him.  He asked us to please watch his garden and pick any tomatoes that were ready so they didn't go to waste.  The past week we have been watching his garden flourish and we have a plethora of tomatoes sitting in our kitchen.
This was the first batch of tomatoes we picked a few days after he left.  Quite a few tomatoes we have here so we willingly shared them with friends and family.  Even through our generosity we were left with a ton of tomatoes.

I knew there were more tomatoes to be picked so yesterday I grabbed a 5 gallon bucket and headed over to his place. 

I was in over my head.  My 5 gallon bucket was full and I still had more tomatoes to pick!  Being as it was the crack of dawn and I forgot to put on my apron, I put the remainder of tomatoes in my shirt.
My shirt, used as a basket, was now full and there were STILL more tomatoes to pick!  Holy macaroni, I had no more room so I just left the rest for another day.  :o)

Thanks to our wonderful, best neighbor of life, we will have plenty of tomatoes for canning.  And so the proces will begin.  Today we are going to can stewed tomatoes and spaghetti sauce.  I'm very excited about this, it will tide us over for the winter!

I did forget to mention that we have a TON of tomatoes plants of our own that are going to need canning so we will be sharing our food with the neighbor we recieved the tomatoes from and with a few family members.  I mean for Heaven's sake, God has blessed us with food for our family so why on earth would be not be willing to share.  :o)

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