I am an ordinary person who was blessed with a loving husband and two beautiful boys.  I spend my days tending to the children, taking care of our home, running errands and raising chickens.  My life is far from perfect, but it is the path I have chosen and I love it just the same.

I enjoy taking other people's discarded items and turning them into something beautiful for my home.  I pinch my pennies, I hate to pay full price for anything and if I can make it instead of buy it then that's the route I take.  I believe in being neighborly, a man's handshake is his word and teaching my children to appreciate the simple things in life.

My dream is to one day sell our home, move to the country, raise more of our own food and own a cute little craft store of my own.  Until that day, I will follow the path I have chosen and make the most of it!

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